Blends perfectly into skin of any condition for close coverage. Powder foundation that makes perfect application an everyday experience.

Syncrofit Pact UV
5 colors, 9.3g, $38


Reference material

  • Blends perfectly into skin of any condition for close coverage. Covers visible pores and unevenness with a single application for a lasting finish that looks like a more beautiful version of your own skin without makeup.
  • Our Syncrofit Formula applies perfectly for outstanding beauty.
    • KOSE’s newly developed Super Application Component encompasses the skin for complete coverage without becoming powdery, providing natural coverage that feels like you aren’t wearing makeup at all.
    • Pure Skin Cover Powder delivers clear coverage while Pore-Shading Powder provides a powerful soft-focus effect. This “double-effect” provides natural-looking coverage for visible pores and uneven color.
    • Light Lasting Powder suits the skin well to make a coat last a long time once applied.
  • SPF26/PA++
    Cuts UV rays to protect against blemishes and freckles due to the sun.
    Data shows that a single application lasts 13 hours*! *Sebum smudging, pore smearing, creasing, caking, dullness, dryness (Internal investigation. Data acquired with use of ESPRIQUE Perfect Keep Base. Individual results may vary.)
  • Patch testing completed
    *Lack of skin irritation not guaranteed for all customers.
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Types with and without water available
  • For use in all seasons
  • Case and replacement sponge available (sold separately)


  • Hyaluronic acid, collagen, olive fruit oil, squalene (moisturizing)
  • Super Application Component
  • Pure Skin Cover Powder
  • Pore-Shading Powder
  • Light Lasting Powder

How to use

  • Use after preparing your skin with a make up base.
  • Apply a small amount to dry or wetted and wrung-out sponge, then apply evenly to your face.