For radiantly dewy, shine-free skin that lasts.
A primer formulated with 90% serum*.

Essence Glow Primer
30g, $34


Product features

  • Formulated with 90% serum for freshly hydrated, dewy radiant skin. Skin stays smooth and shine-free till evening, without troublesome dryness or visible pores.
  • With Sebum Solidifying Complex to capture excess sebum.Skin stays radiant over many hours, and moisturized but not shiny.
  • Pore Care Complex and Dark Pore Coverage Powder provide double the coverage for pores of different shapes.
  • With a fresh and smooth skin care-like texture that conditions skinto improve makeup application.
  • Lasts 13 hours* according to collected data *No dryness, shine, sebum deterioration, seeping into pores, dullness or fading (Internal research. Data collected from use with ESPRIQUE Synchro Fit Pact UV. Individual results may vary.)’
  • Patch tested Does not guarantee skin irritation will not occur.
  • No artificial fragrances. Has the natural scent of botanical ingredients.


  • Baby Moist Complex [hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, glycerin] (Moisturizer)

How to use

  • Use before applying foundation.
  • Take one pump of product into your palm and apply evenly to your entire face. Apply thinly around nose wings, eyes and mouth. Over-application will make foundation uneven.