Rouge that gives lips vivid color and lasting
moisture with just a hint of tint.

Prime Tint Rouge
10 colors, 2.2g, $30


Product Features

  • Tint-type rouge that glides on smoothly to give lips beautiful color that lasts. Lips are given a hint of color while being wrapped in serum-like moisture.
  • Beautiful color lasts up to 8 hours*.
    Prime Tint Formula allows rouge to glide on yet seal to lips tightly, for beautiful color that lasts.
  • In a wide variety of colors.
    Rouge contains both dyes and oils that boost their effectiveness, allowing for a wide variety of colors from subtle beige to vivid pinks.
  • Rouge seals smoothly to lips while providing moisture, making them appear plump and soft.
  • Slim shape allows for easy drawing of outlines and details, as well as filling in the lips.
  • ¬†Fragrance free

Formulated Ingredients

  • Shea butter, macadamia nut oil, argan oil, squalane (moisturizer)
  • Melty Fit Oil

How to use

Extend about 3mm from the tube to apply.