A cosmetic primer that eliminates shine,
prevents smudging and improves makeup hold.

Perfect Keep Base
30g, $36


Product features

  • Thoroughly prevents makeup smudging due to sebum and sweat, keeping your makeup looking beautiful and fresh all day long.
  • Perfect keep formula keeps sebum at bay for a smooth finish.
    • Sebum is collected, solidified, and held for a smooth finish that lasts over 13 hours.
    • Powerful coating continues to prevent makeup from running due to sweat, shine, and smudging due to sebum.
    • Formula containing pore care, blackhead pore cover powder, and lasting foundation ingredients.
    • Smooths and covers pores to improve foundation application.
    • Applies with a refreshing sensation for close coverage, even around the nose and other uneven areas.
  • SPF25/PA++
    Cuts UV rays to protect against blemishes and freckles due to the sun.
    Data shows that a single application lasts 13 hours*! *Shine, sebum smudging, pore smearing, creasing, caking, dryness (Internal investigation. Data acquired with combined use of ESPRIQUE Syncrofit Pact UV. Individual results may vary.) Patch testing completed *Lack of skin irritation not guaranteed for all customers. No artificial fragrance. Plant ingredients used for a natural fragrance.
    For use in all seasons


  • Hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycosyl trehalose, squalene (moisturizing)
  • Pore care ingredients (Unevenness repair, Soft focus)
  • Blackhead pore cover powder
  • Lasting foundation ingredients

How to use

  1. Shake up and down with the cap closed before use.
  2. Take a small amount on your palm (approx. 1.5cm diameter) and apply evenly to your face. (Apply lightly to the areas around your nostrils, eyes and mouth. Over-application may cause unevenness.)