A new possibility for foundation-free days.
Makeup cream for lasting poreless and radiantly hydrated skin.

Comfort Makeup Cream
35g, $36

Product features

  • Emulsion, sunscreen, and light makeup effect. Goes on gently and easily to protect skin from environmental factors while providing poreless and natural coverage.
  • Contains KOSE-developed Treatment Shield Ingredient for outstanding application and superb hold under a mask without stress on skin.
    1. Applies well to any skin condition, melting on effortlessly.
    2. Provides lasting hold without immobilizing skin so there is no tightness or other stress.
    3. Water vapour strengthens the makeup layer so it resists water and sweat, preventing smudging and transfer even in high humidity under a mask.
  • Comfort Formula for moisture, shine prevention, and coverage of pores and uneven colour.
    1. Baby Moist Complex contains ingredients with molecules smaller than normal hyaluronic acid or collagen, selected for skin affinity. It leaves skin bright, radiant and hydrated.
    2. Super Sebum Solidifying Complext captures sebum to prevent shine.
    3. Pore Care Complex and Dark Pore Coverage Powder cover visible pores and uneven colour, for a lasting natural finish that looks like your own skin, but more beautiful.
  • Designed to resist transfer onto mask.
  • Can be used as a primer.
  • SPF50+/PA++++. Protects skin from harsh UV rays, preventing dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage.
  • Lasts 13 hours according to collected data.
  • Patch tested. No artificial fragrances.


  • Treatment Shield Ingredient.
  • Baby Moist Complex (hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, squalene)(moisturizers)

How to use

After applying lotion, take an appropriate amount of product onto fingers and spread evenly over entire face. Layer for more coverage.