Liquid foundation which blends seamlessly into skin at all angles to provide coverage for pores and uneven skin for perfect, natural looking skin.

Synchro Fit Liquid UV
5 colors, 30g each, $42


Product Features

  • “Synchro Fit” formulation blends uniformly into the skin at all angles.
  • New Translucent Coverage Active Ingredient uses properties from optics to make the most of your natural skin tone, while providing coverage to even the skin and cover pores with Pore Care Ingredients & Blurring Powder.
  • Semi-matte finish that blends seamlessly with the natural skin
  • Last for 13 hours according to collected data
  • Fragrance free


  • Hyaluronic acid, collagen, olive oil, squalane (moisturizers)
  • Translucent Coverage Ingredient
  • Pore Care Ingredient
  • Pore Blurring Powder
  • Super Makeup Finishing Ingredient
  • Super Sebum Solidifying Ingredient
  • Oxygen Permeable Polymer

How to use

  • After preparing skin with base makeup, shake the product before use prior to application
  • Using the sponge or palm of your hand, apply evenly onto skin.
  • Apply thinly to areas around the mouth and nostrils.