One-step application with an applicator tip.

Liquid eyeshadow for big, beautiful eyes with hydrating gloss and stand-out colouring.

Glow Eye Veil
8 colors, 8g,
$18 each

Product Features

  • Packed with hydration and in sophisticated colours, this liquid eyeshadow will give you a subtle and mature glossy look.
  • One-step application with an applicator tip for a finger-blurred finish. No dirty hands.
    Thick so you can apply enough volume. Achieve a smooth, even layer on your lid with a custom applicator designed for a finger-blurred look.
  • For gorgeous graduation that lasts, and big, beautiful eyes.
    Excellent quick-dry performance, adheres snugly to your eyes, with no smudging or colour transfer, this beautiful finish lasts into the night.
  • Contains beauty serum ingredients with a high level of affinity with the skin, and high moisturising performance. 
    Moist Veil, which contains beauty serum ingredients such as red algae extract, adheres snugly to the skin, giving you a lasting feeling of hydration.
  • Contains Lucent Pearl. Has a glossy wet-look finish with a translucent look.
  • BE330 and BE331 can double as eyeshadow base. 
    Banish dullness and enhance the adhesiveness and longevity of your usual powder eyeshadow.
  • Resistant to sweat and sebum, with a beautiful finish that lasts.
  • Use the custom design applicator tip for an even finger-blurred finish.
  • *10-Hour make up longevity data acquired
    *KOSE survey, Individual variation present.
  • No added fragrance.

How to use

Take as much as you need onto the included applicator tip, and apply directly to your eyelids.