Glides on, creating poreless skin*.
Achieves a natural glow.
From the effects of the makeup

Liquid Compact BB
3 colors,$42
13g refill: $15 / Case with puff: $6

Product Features

  • With one coat, get poreless, even, beautiful skin. Easy and convenient, this is a liquid foundation in a compact.
  • Compact-type is quickly applied with a puff and convenient to carry with you, letting you do speedy touch-ups at your destination.
  • Contains Blend & Bond Complex and Durability Boosting Polymer. Smooth liquid foundation adheres evenly to skin, even right after applying skin care products, and keeps skin looking silky and smooth for 10 hours.
    *KOSÉ research. Individual results may vary.
  • With Pore Care Ingredient and Pore Conceal Powder, it provides solid coverage for pores. Silky Face Power provides a silky smooth finish.
  • Get just the coverage you want. Coverage is easy to adjust, and even multiple coats create a natural finish.
  • 5-in-1 Essence, Sunscreen, Foundation primer, Foundation, Face powder
  • Patch tested (This does not guarantee that it will not cause skin irritation in anyone.)
  • No artificial fragrance.


  • Moisturizing serum ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycerin)
  • Blend & Bond Complex
  • Durability Boosting Polymer
  • Pore Care Ingredient (evens out skin tone and creates soft focus)
  • Pore Conceal Powder
  • Silky Face Powder

How to use

  • For first use, apply the amount dispensed by about 4-5 presses of the button. From second use onward, apply the amount dispensed by 1-3 button presses.
  • After using skin care items such as lotion and emulsion, press the button to dispense the appropriate amount onto the puff, then apply to skin.

(Slide the puff across the skin for a natural-looking finish.) *When using 1-3 button presses each time, foundation should last about 1.5 months