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AQ Meliority

COSME DECORTE integrated the critical outcomes from skin regenerative R&D into the development of its premier Meliority line.To reconstruct the quality of your skin, as if it has been reborn!


Meliority products are fortified with more than 30 carefully selected ingredients to answer every skin ailment.Incorporating regenerative technology to strengthen cell multiplication in not just two, but three dimensions, so cell multiply both horizontally and vertically, to give you strong healthy skin.


Meliority targets skin regeneration, skin rejuvenation, moisture retention, promotion of blood circulation, enhancement of metabolism, cell invigoration & multiplication, activation of female hormones, emollient effect, anti-oxidant effect, healing of DNA damage, anti-inflammation, prevention of skin irritation, wrinkle reduction, whitening , softening of rough skin.

Thanks to the successful development of White Birch Water - which is also known as - living water - as well as the DELAYSOME technonolgy, considered the crystallization of COSME DECORTE's capsule technology, our efforts have given birth to the ultimate anti-ageing skincare line.

The name of the line AQ is an abbreviation for Absolute Quality, and that is precisely the meaning that the name embodies.

Thanks to the raw materials used, formulations and advanced manufacturing methods based on state-of-the-art dermatological technology, AQ affords you everything from visible results to a pleasurable after-feel and a soothing floral fragrance.

With nature's vitality found in botanical ingredients and the elegant floral fragrance, AQ nurtures your skin's natural power to nurture beauty. Delivering absolutely uncompromising quality to those women who seek eternal beauty.

We have made the best use of our technology and sensibility in developing and manufacturing the new AQ line, to create a complexion for every woman that is as matchless and beautiful as a piece of excellent art.

Enjoy the best skin in your life.
The White-Science

Puts you back on the Whitening Super Highway.

Where you will find no trace of your skin's daily melanin activities on your complexion.

COSME DECORTE discovered the fundamental cause of how spots are formed, which goes beyond how skin reacts to UV-rays. Thus, paving the way to a new realm of whitening care.

You are welcomed to open the door to the new technology.


Moisture Liposome

The world's first beauty essence that harnesses multi-layer liposome technology so your skin can drink in moisture for hours on end.


WHAT is a Liposome?
Liposome study has long featured prominently in life sciences research related to medical products, because of the liposome's ability to provide continuous and long-lasting effects.

A Liposome is a multi-layer micro-capsule (much like an onion) composed of phospholipids (the chief element of the cell membrane). Imagine your skin cell as the size of a basketball, then an emulsion droplet is akin to the size of a pingpong ball while a liposome, by comparison, appears as minute as a sugar crystal.

Because of its similar composition to the skin cell membrane and its extremely minute size (0.1micron or 1/10,000mm in diameter), the liposome exhibits excellent affinity with the skin and can pass through the epidermis easily.

The liposome has played a breakthrough role in extending the life span of moisturizing effects by leaps and bounds. Akin to a peeling onion, the multi-layers of the liposome release their moisturizing agents layer by layer over time to nourish your skin.


Round-the-Clock Intelligent Whitening.


WHITELOGIST is COSME DECORTE's premium whitening line delivering its attack intelligently on brown spots. As the culmination of COSME DECORTE's whitening technology, WHITELOGIST has quickly become the dominant whitening line of the brand. 



Let youthful softness and firm suppleness return to your wrinkled skin.

WRINKLELOGIST - the only answer to deepening lines.

Your face tends to look tired and aged when wrinkles appear on the forehead, or around the mouth and eye area.

COSME DECORTE’s R&D into wrinkles, using our state-of-art technology, resulted in wrinkle specialist essence WHITELOGIST. Thus bringing you the logical and smooth answer to the women who wish to look youthful.

Star Ingredient: Astaxanthin
Astaxanthin - a carotenoid - is a red pigment occurring naturally in a wide variety of living organisms. Shell fish, salmon, as well as red seaweed, etc have this pigment in their bodies to protect themselves against the negative impact of UV-rays.

It possesses 100 - 500 the anti-oxidant prowess of Vitamin E & is 150 times more powerful then cell-energizer CoQ10 – this powerful biological antioxidant exhibits strong free-radical scavenging activity and protects against lipid peroxidation and oxidative damage of cell membranes, cells, and tissues.

In recent years, expectations are growing for its anti-inflammatory effect as well as its ability to prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as cataract and arteriosclerosis.
Sebum Control Matte Fresh

Introducing Sebum Control matte fresh for a matte shine-free complexion. A must-have for those plagued by an oily T-zone or a dull-looking complexion.


New whitening line to fight not only melanin but also aging.

COSME DECORTE has developed a new whitening theory, We have examined the close relation between melanin problems and aging and have successfully developed the whitening line to give mature women their best beauty regardless of their age.

We want to make women’s skin agelessly bright by introducing WHITE-SCIENCE PREMIUM.

Be assured of and enjoy its powerful effects to your "skin's" content.

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