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Late nights. Work stress. Fatigue. Staring at the computer monitor for long hours. The result?

 Dark rings and dry skin around the eye area, fine lines and tired eyes.

CLEARNESS EYE promises your eye tender loving care. Tried, tested and adored by legions of fans for reducing the look of fine lines and dark circles in a matter of weeks! Revitalise tired eyes. Super Serum takes immediate effect on dark circles.


Why do dark circles and rings form around your eyes?
Ageing, fatigue or other environmental factors may casue oxygen circulation within your blood to slow down. This results in insufficient oxygen in the bloodstream, and in turn causes the blood colour to darken.

As the area beneath the eye has no real underlying layer of fat (which is present in other areas of the face), the skin is more transparent and blood vessels more easily visible.

The darker the blood vessel thus show through the thin layer of skin around the eye area, giving you the look of a panda or dark rings around the eyes.

Hand Renew Treatment
 Power Intensive. Age-Resisting. Revitalizing cream for hands.
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