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Nature & Co.

The Organic Life of Beauty Begins

Made from Organic Herbs
Rejuvenate with pure goodness of organic herbs from the world.

Your Natural Life of Beauty
Slip into the most comfortable indulgence as you relax your mind and soothe your senses with mellowing scent from freshly picked herbs and nurture your skin with ultimate clarity.

Pure Cleansing Milk

Aids in complete removal of makeup and dirt while moisturizing skin to restore natural transparency of clean skin. Supplies moisture to skin that has become hardened due to overexposure to UV rays, thereby restoring softness to skin.
  Pure Facial Foam

Contains fine grains with a rich texture that gently unclog pores from excess oil and impurities without stripping skin’s moisture, thus enabling cornified skin layer to become so soft and smooth, you'll feel compelled to touch it.
Pure White Lotion Light

Whitening skin lotion that contains pure Vitamin C to suppress melanin production and enhances natural radiance while lightening dark spots caused by UV rays. It has a scent of fresh herbs that makes you feel revitalized while moisturizing your skin.
  Pure White Milky Lotion

Wraps dry skin with a solid veil of moisture while promoting whitening properties that lightens dark spots. Its refreshing texture goes on smoothly and blends readily. With regular use, skin becomes visibly fairer and exceedingly soft to the touch.
Pure White Cream

Containing generous quantities of smooth oil, it softens skin while allowing moisturizing ingredients and active whitening ingredients permeate skin's deeper layers more efficiently, leaving skin fairer and exceedingly transclucent.
  Pure Bright Mask

Presence of organic marigold extract keeps skin healthy with its anti-inflammatory effects, along with organic rosemary extract, effective in whitening and cell restoration and spring water, long loved for its beautifying effects on the skin.
Pure Essence C

Organic oil with phospholipids exhibits excellent affinity with skin to ensure effective penetration of beauty agents. Organic black elder extract provides whitening effects while organic cucumber extract provides moisturizing effects, together with organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, and organic jojoba oil as emollient ingredients.
  Pure White Day Essence
SPF 30+ PA ++

Featuring both easy application and strong UV blocking effects, this quick-absorbing essence keeps skin pure and translucent by protecting it from the harmful rays of the everyday sun, can be used a primer to help foundation stay on long lastingly.
Pure White 2 way Foundation

Ultra-fine coverage that covers pores long-lastingly with hydrating properties, leaving behind a satin-smooth and matt finish. It also contains whitening properties that helps to lighten skin tone. Skin is also protected from sun damage with its SPF capabilities.