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Metallic Luster Eyes


Formulated with new ?Metallic Pearl Blend? technology. Limited edition 4-color eye shadow set with high metallic brightness.

Product Description


  • An eye color set which fulfills deep, translucent metallic shine.
  • Choice of 2 palettes enable you to express cool or deep hue expressions.

Accent Color

  • Comes with high pearl composition by using new "Metallic Pearl Blend" formula.
  • A never-before-seen brightness! This high density pearl film allows pearly-shine to radiate directly.
  • Spreads smoothly and blends well into skin. Non-sticky and long-wearing smooth finish.

Cream Powder Base

  • A light cream base that is rich in brightness and gloss.
  • To use, brush lightly with the appropriate makeup chip.

Highlight Color/ Shadow Color

  • Spreads lightly and smoothly. Sits evenly around the eyes with its pearly brightness.
  • Long-lasting finish.

Beauty Ingredients
Glucosyl Hesperidin (moisturizing agent)
Hydroxyproline (moisturizing agent)
Bio-hyaluronic acid (moisturizing agent)

In stores 1 August 2008.
Beaute de Kose Autumn/Winter 2008 Makeup

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