Since ancient times, people have used herbs for health and beauty.
Now, from precious nature we bring the gentleness and power of oriental herbal ingredients to your skin.

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Calamus Root ExtractCalamus Root Extract Poria ExtractPoria Extract

Jiaogulan Extract

Jiaogulan Extract

In China, Jiaogulan extract has been used for health purposes since the olden days.

A perennial Cucurbitaceous plant that grows naturally in the countryside throughout Asia. Also known as Sweet Tea Vine for its sweet leaves, the plant is known to be a great source of nutrition in emergency situations.


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Nettle Leaf Extract


Rich in metallic elements and minerals, and said to have potent beauty benefits.

A plant belonging to the Urticaceae family, Nettle Leaf is covered in prickly hairs and produces a greenish flower. The Nettle Leaf Extract derivation method, in which nettle leaves are used to strike the surface of the body, has been a popular use of the plant since the olden days.

Japanese Plectranthus


A perennial botanical plant of the mint family that grows in the wild, also known as Japanese Hikiokoshi.


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Panax ginseng Extract


Prevents the skin from drying out, promoting healthy skin regeneration.

A perennial plant in the Araliaceae family, the plant originated from China and the Korean Peninsula. Named ‘ginseng’ (“person plant root”) after the root’s characteristic shape that resembles the legs of a person. Prized as one of the most distinguished plants in traditional Eastern practices.


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Licorice Extract


Proved to be highly effective when used for beauty purposes.

Extracted from the roots of plants in the Fabaceae family originating in China, Mongolia, and Russia, and other Asian regions. Licorice has an extremely long history of being utilized as a highly beneficial medicinal plant.


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SEKKISEI Essence Excellent

Apricot kernel Oil


Contains vitamins and is said to be effective in creating beautiful skin. Also has emollient effects.

Belongs to the genus Amygdalus. Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels, or the seeds of the popular fruit apricot.

Sasa veitchii Extract


A perennial plant in the Poaceae family that grows naturally, mostly in the countryside. Their strong vitality allows them to keep growing even in the snow. When used in tea, Sasa Veitchii less than one-year old are commonly used, as they are rich in active ingredients like vitamins and minerals. The leaves are said to have antiseptic effects, and people have used them to wrap up food in the past.

Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract

Originating in China and brought over to Japan during ancient times, the Perilla Ocymoides is now widely cultivated as a medicine, spice and more. Its leaves are known for its bactericidal properties.

Peony Root Extract


The peony plant thrives in a cold climate, and can even survive in waterlogged soil. Its roots said to benefit one's health, with many medicinal properties.

Calamus Root Extract


Water infusions made with Acorus Calamus are used to maintain clean skin.

A plant from the Araceae family, Acorus Calamus is a perennial plant that grows in water, largely around Hokkaido and Kyushu in Japan, as well as in East Asia and India. In Japan, people are known to have a Calamus bath on Boys’ Day (May 5) due to the fact that samurai families used to bathe children in Calamus baths in order to instill the virtues of heroism and valor in them, because the word Shobu (Acorus Calamus) is homonymous with a word that means ‘warrior.’ Acorus Calamus has been prized since the olden days, as the root contains essential oil constituents like asarone and eugenol. Expected to hydrate and warm up the skin.

Honeysuckle Flower Extract


Containing tannin and saponin, the extract has proven health/beauty benefits.

A plant in the Caprifoliaceae family found in Hokkaido and Kyushu in Japan, as well as the Korean Peninsula and China. In Chinese medicine, the leaves are called rěn dōng téng (“winter enduring vine”) and the stems and flowers jīn yín huā (“gold silver flower”). Clinically, it is said that the flower is more effective, and nowadays only the flower is used for medicinal purposes.

Inula Flower Extract


Found in Japan, North Korea and China, the extracts of the Inula Britannica Flower is known to be a beneficial skin conditioning agent.

Cnidium Rhizome Extract


A famous component of beauty formulas.

A plant in the Apiaceae family that has been widely used for centuries. As with Angelica, Cnidium Rhizome has also been considered a plant that benefits women since the olden days.


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Mallow Extract


The mucous contained in the leaves and flowers are known to be effective for the skin.

A plant that originated in Southern Europe and temperate Asia, and migrated to Japan in 1699. Said to have particularly strong hydrating effects among oriental medicinal plants.

Mandarin Orange Peel Extract

タチバナ果皮 [キッピ(橘皮)] エキス

Citrus peel, obtained from the skin of mandarin oranges, have been used since ancient times in China.


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Rubus Suavissimus Extract


Widely used for its expected health/beauty benefits.

A deciduous shrub in the Rosaceae family found in Shikoku, Kyushu, and mainland Japan, as well as China. Also used in Chinese teas consumed for health purposes.

Angelica Extract


Often used in bath liquids. Expected to have hydrating effects.

Extracted from the root of Apiaceae plants growing naturally in mountainous areas among rocks. The Japanese name (“touki” meaning “come back home surely”) is derived from the story of a Chinese man who stopped going home to avoid his wife who was suffering from feminine ailments. The wife is said to have consumed this medicinal herb to treat her ailments, and uttered the words “The man I long for will surely come back home”.

Vegetable Wasp And Plant Worms Extract


Used widely for its expected health benefits.

A type of fungi parasitic upon insects. Passed down through the ages as a mysterious plant that is effective for bringing about longevity.


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Coix Seed Extract


Hydrates the skin and prevents roughness.

Coix Seed Extract is familiar to some in the form of Coix Seed tea. Extracted from the seeds of annual plants originating from China and Indochina, the hulled seeds are called Coix Seed, while the unhulled ones are called Coix Lcryma Jobi Seed.

Poria Extract


Extracted from the fungi Polyporaceae.

Moutan Bark Extract


Originating from China, Moutan Bark was brought to Japan during the Heian era. It is well-known for its effectiveness against feminine ailments.

Melothria Heterophylla Extract (White Lotus)


Extracted from the roots of Melothria, it is said that the extract has been used for achieving beautiful skin since ancient times in China. Highly moisturizing, it is also rich in NMF constituents and amino acids.

Peach Leaf Extract


A plant believed to be beneficial to human health from long ago.

A plant in the Rosaceae family that originated in China and has been cultured since BC20. People have been taking baths with peach leaves in them, and also squeeze juice out of the leaves.

Citrus Junos Extract


Both the fruit and peel contain multiple active ingredients.

A plant in the Rutaceae family. Citrus Junos are most commonly used in cuisine or in baths. The fruit is dried first before use, and contains citric acid, tartaric acid, and essential oil. The peel contains the essential oils germacrene B and C, bicyclogermacrene, and the flavonoid hesperidin.

Mugwort Extract


Mugwort extract contains rich proteins, fatty acids and vitamins that can prevent dryness and help to revitalise the skin. Also beneficial for health and beauty, the leaves and roots of the Mugwort plant have been widely consumed in Japan and many other Asian countries since ancient times. Its leaves are highly nutritious, containing oleic acid, linoleic acid, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.


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Bracket Fungus Extract


Bracket Fungus extract works as an excellent antioxidant which fights against skin aging. The fungus grows near the roots of broadleaf deciduous trees, and shines beautifully when dried well. The extract was so precious that even the first Qin Emperor sought for it, and is termed as "medicine for perpetual youth and longevity."


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Safflower Extract


Extracted from Safflower, an annual or biennial plant belonging to the genus Carthamus of the Compositae family. Said to assist healthy moisture circulation, creating translucent skin.

Alpina Speciosa Leaf Extract


Extracted from the leaves of Shell Ginger in the Zingiberaceae family. Shell Ginger has been cultured in Okinawa, Taiwan, South East Asia, and India, and produces a beautiful flower. The leaves are said to prevent food from spoiling or molding. The oil extracted from these leaves has a sweet scent, and has been used as aromatic oil or insect repellent.