Natural Drip Mask

Smooth, flawless skin
brimming with radiance.

Intensive skincare with fresh hydration. A mask with a generous 10 doses* of lotion.

Gentle texture, yet powerful results.

  • ・Packed with the concentrated natural goodness of our beautiful earth, this single mask contains 10 doses (20 mL) of Natural Drip Moisturizing Lotion to improve your moisture barrier. Get clear, silky-smooth skin with this intensive care mask.
  • ・Gently envelopes your skin with a mild, essence-like touch.
  • ・Absorbs as if skin is breathing it in, delivering plentiful moisture. Afterwards, skin doesn't feel sticky yet is left with visibly reduced pores, and a silky-smooth texture.
  • ・Contains unique ingredient ITOWA, sourced from Japan’s rich natural environment*. Packed with plant-derived ingredients including Asian herbs, ITOWA prevents unhealthy skin by increasing moisture barrier capacity and quality, maintaining healthy, clear skin unaffected by environmental problems.
  • ・Mask materials include mulberry, used in traditional Japanese papermaking. Mulberry tree bark can be harvested yearly without causing trees to die, and the trunks grow thicker every year, making it an environmentally friendly material.
  • *Plant-based ingredients

A gift from the earth, the essence of nourishment.

Sekkisei is a skincare brand that transforms nature’s powerful ingredients into a potent force of nourishment. We have originally developed a method to calculate skin radiance that links to our moisture barrier science for healthy, glowing skin. Our formula nurtures skin to create a natural barrier that protects from the most severe environments, achieving optimal smoothness and radiance.

  • Contains
  • *ITOWA
  • *Clarity Boost Complex
  • *Job's Tears Seed Extract
  • *Bay Laurel Extract
  • *Glycerin

ITOWA is Alpinia speciosa leaf extract・Peony extract・Noni juice・Glycerin, Clarity Boost Complex is Prunus mume fruit extract・Hydrolyzed rice leaf extract・Glycerin.

When you become beautiful, so will the earth.

In order to protect the earth, Sekkisei uses environmentally friendly packaging. Sekkisei is passionately dedicated to restoring and protecting coral reefs, and also committed to various programs such as tree planting.

The water of Sekkisei

Japan is a country blessed with an abundance of water. Rain water is absorbed into the land, and is purified through the natural filter of the mountains, later being stored underground. The water is then refined with care before it is formulated in Sekkisei skincare.

To use

  • ・Use after cleansing. Align the mask with your eyes and mouth, and adhere to skin.
    *Fold eye cutouts down over your lower lids.
  • ・Remove after 5 to 10 minutes.

Usage note

  • ・If product enters eyes, rinse with water.
  • ・Due to the use of natural origin ingredients, the product may appear slightly discolored. This will not affect product quality.
  • ・Keep out of reach of children.
  • ・Store away from high or low temperatures and direct sunlight.