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Day Care Essence


Whitening Day Care Essence protects the skin from tanning and irritation while maintaining the purity and transparency of skin
SPF50+ . PA++

30g - $23.80

  • Product Features
  • How to Use
  • Key Ingredients
  • Featuring both easy spreadability and strong UV blocking effects, this transparent essence keeps skin pure and translucent by protecting it from the harmful rays of the everyday sun
  • Vitamin C (base compound) brightens skin and wards off spots and freckles caused by excessive sun exposure
  • Contains organic marigold extract, which keeps skin healthy with its anti-inflammatory effects; organic rosemary extract, effective in whitening and cell restoration; and spring water, long loved for its beautifying effects on the skin
  • May also be used as a primer to help foundation go on and stay on better
  • Use it at the end of your morning beauty regimen
  • With cap still closed, shake it up and down thoroughly, then squeeze about 50 cent coin-sized amount
  • onto the palm of your hand
  • Spread evenly over your entire face
Note : To remove, it is recommended that you wash off carefully with a facial wash or cleanser.
  • Vitamin C derivative (base compound: whitening)
  • Organic marigold extract (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturizing)
  • Organic rosemary extract (whitening, cell restoration, moisturizing)
  • Spring water (moisturizing)
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