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Pure White Cream


Whitening cream that spreads over the skin with a rich, thick sensation, wrapping it in a veil of moisture and rendering it pure and translucent the next day

40g - $31.80

  • Product Features
  • How to Use
  • Key Ingredients
  • Rich, luxurious moisture blends delightfully into skin and protects it from dryness. This whitening cream keeps skin wrapped in a solid veil of moisture all night long.
  • Contains generous quantities of smooth oil, so it softens skin as it penetrates. Helps moisturizing ingredients and active whitening ingredients permeate the skin's interior sufficiently, leaving skin pure and exceedingly translucent.
  • Vitamin C derivative (main compound) suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles
  • Contains organic marigold extract, which keeps skin healthy with its anti-inflammatory effects; organic rosemary extract, effective in whitening and cell restoration; and spring water, long loved for its beautifying effects on the skin
  • For use at the end of one's beauty regimen
  • Take out about a pearl-sized amount and spread it onto the face until it blends into the skin
  • Vitamin C derivative (base compound: whitening)
  • Organic marigold extract (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturizing)
  • Organic rosemary extract (whitening, cell restoration, moisturizing)
  • Spring water (moisturizing)
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