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Pure Cleansing Milk


Cleansing milk that removes makeup and dirt while moisturizing to restore the transparency of bare skin

150g - $13.80

  • Product Features
  • How to Use
  • Key Ingredients
  • Supplies moisture to skin that has become hardened or tough due to overexposure to UV rays, thereby restoring softness to skin. After cleansing, skin is soft and translucent and feels like it's been completely renewed.
  • Can be rinsed or wiped off, whichever you prefer
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients, so it preserves skin's moisture as it cleanses
  • Contains organic marigold extract, which keeps skin healthy with its anti-inflammatory effects, along with organic rosemary extract, effective in whitening and cell restoration, and spring water, long loved for its beautifying effects on the skin
  • Take a cherry-sized amount onto the palm of your hand and use your fingertip to blend it in well with foundation and other makeup
  • Wipe off with tissue paper or rinse off with cool or lukewarm water
  • Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing)
  • Organic marigold extract (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturizing)
  • Organic rosemary extract (whitening, cell restoration, moisturizing)
  • Organic olive oil (emollient)
  • Spring water (moisturizing)
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