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For pure, clear skin. Utilizes massage effects to promote blood and lymph circulation within acne-prone skin.

60ml - $69

  • Product Features
  • How to Use
  • Key Ingredients
  • Delivers active ingredients deeply into the skin and removes old skin cells while massaging
  • Utilizes massage effects to promote blood and lymphatic circulation within acne-prone skin
  • Essence with massage effect promotes blood and lymph circulation to discharge metabolism by-products
  • Oriental herbs synergize to act deeply on keratin layer to keep skin pure, clean and silky smooth
  • Oat Extract formulation helps prevent acne caused by excessive sebum secretion, leaving skin hydrated and clear
  • Treats inflammation and redness caused by suntan or snow tan
  • Your super savior for sudden acne outbreaks due to stress or change in environment
  • Apply on washed, clean face
  • Push the dispenser 3 times onto the palm and spread through the whole face
  • Massage with fingertips for about a minute
  • Rinse off or tissue-off as necessary
  • Apply lotion to settle the skin after massage
  • Vitamin E Nicotinate (promotes blood and fluid circulations)
  • Chinese Lovage Water (anti-germ, anti-allergy)
  • Oat Extract (anti-inflammatory)
  • Moutan Bark Extract (promotes blood and fluid circulations)
  • Peony Root Extract (promotes blood circulation, discharges wastes)
  • Apricot Kernel Oil (emollient)
  • Fennel Extract (antioxidant)
  • Cordycepts Sinensis Extract (revitalizes cells)
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