INFINITY Intensive WrinkleEffective against wrinkles.
For incredibly firm skin.

Intensive Wrinkle Lotion

Effective against wrinkles, for definite improvement

Focuses on the growth phase of wrinkles, which become increasingly concerning with age. Not only do wrinkles increase with age; they also have a growth phase in which each wrinkle becomes thicker and longer.

Intensive Wrinkle Lotion

160mL S$108 (tax excluded)

Product Features

  • Medicated lotion that improves bothersome wrinkles which acts on the dermis and epidermis. Endows skin with firmness, leading to vibrant, bright and less visible wrinkles.
  • Formulated with a good balance of oils that have rich texture and oils that absorb easily into skin. With its velvety texture, it delivers beauty ingredient deep inti the skin, sealing your skin with abundant of moisture.
  • Uses KOSE nano-technology to encapsulate bio-identical ingredients, Skin Fusion Oil, which delivers moisture and active ingredient deep into the stratum corneum, infusing it with essential elements that meld with the skin and leaving it replete with firmness and radiant lustre.
  • Allergy tested (does not guarantee allergies will not occur in any users)

Directions for use
On a palm of the hand or a cotton pad, pump 3-4 times and gently apply with patting motions.

Active Ingredients
[Main ingredient] Niacinamide
Sasa Veitchii Leaf Extract
Golden Silk Extract [Hydrolized Silk Solution]
Rose Extract
Skin Fusioning Element
Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom)
Gotu-kola Extract