INFINITYThis skin is proof of happiness.

Perfect Protection UV White

Beauty and nourishment overnight. This gel night pack moisturizes your stratum corneum while you sleep.

This sleeping pack provides intensive treatment and wraps your skin in moisture while you sleep, deeply hydrating the stratum corneum and leaving the skin firm and full of elasticity in the morning. It features a cool, fresh gel texture provides a pleasing feel and a relaxing floral scent will nourish and soothe your skin and mind.

INFINITY Premium Sleeping Pack

100g, $55

How to Use

  • Use after your skincare routine before bed.
    *If you are using cream or eye cream, apply them before using this product.
    *Chill in the refrigerator before use if desired.
  • Take an amount about the size of two pearls in palms and apply evenly to the entire face. Leave on while sleeping.