INFINITYThis skin is proof of happiness.

Morning Renew Wash

Removes roughness and keratin plugs.
A morning face wash that leaves skin sleek, smooth, and makeup-ready.

Essence gel with a thick, pleasant texture removes the protein build-up that causes rough skin and keratin plugs in pores, reacting to water and washing it all away to form a radiant veil.

INFINITY Morning Renew Wash

100g, $38 (tax excluded)

How to Use
*Can also be used at night time after cleansing.

  • Do not wet hands or face before use.
  • Take about a cherry-sized dollop out onto a dry palm, and gently massage over the entire face for about 30 seconds using a circular motion. Rub in especially gently in rough areas and in the T-zone, for example, where sebum or keratin plugs are a concern.
  • Then add cool or lukewarm water and wash off, using a circular motion. (When the gel texture disappears, this indicates that the product is completely washed off. Skin will be left feeling dewy.)