Like a freshly-pampered face.
Liquid foundation with an ultra-thin veil that fuses with skin.

  • Skin with a radiant-moist finish that lasts all day.
    Goes on smooth with no heaviness and feels moist, as if skin has just been thoroughly pampered
  • Containting 85% beauty essence. Skin care effect protects against dry and rough skin.
    * Essence is the emulsion excluding the powder.
  • Moisture Tank” retains moisture while applied, creating plump texture.
  • Blend & Bond Complex” goes on thin and light, creating an ultra-thin veil that fuses with skin and naturally covers pores and uneven color. Resists streaking, easy for anyone to achieve an even skin tone.
  • Natural Radiance Ingredient” produces a gentle and natural radiance, as if skin has just been cared for and has good texture.
  • Super Flat Powder EX” covers unevenness by matching the size of pores.
  • SPF30/PA+++
    Blocks UV rays and prevents dark spots and freckles due to the sun.
  • Fragrance free
  • Patch-tested.
    *Not a guarantee that skin irritatation will not occur for all individuals.
  • Includes sponge

ESPRIQUE Skincare Foundation UV
5 colors, 30g, $51

How to use

  • Use after preparing skin with makeup base. Before use, shake well in an up and downwards direction with the cap on.
  • Take a small amount onto sponge or palm of hand and apply to skin, taking care not to miss any areas. (Provides a thin finish in trouble spots like around the nostrils and wrinkles caused by facial expressions)