Rich coloring. Lasting moisture.
Stay-put liquid rouge with a new texture.

Rich Creamy Rouge
9 colors, 6g, $30

Product features

  • Limited-edition colors with the theme “NEO ANTIQUE”. Create a precious polished look with a light and natural essence. This is a vintage-mixed color range that accentuates your skin tone.
  • The coloring and durability of a stick meet the moisture and light, gliding touch of liquid in this rouge with a new texture.
  • With new KOSÉ technology* Triple lasting formula. *For lipstick Keeps freshly applied color and moisture in place.
    1. Highly-penetrating Oil
      Adheres pigment to the lips. Leaves lips plump and soft.
    2. Newly formulated* with Airy Stay Ingredient
      *In lipstick
      With a net-like structure, Airy Stay Ingredient adheres evenly together with pigment. It keeps color looking freshly applied.
    3. Moist Veil
      Thoroughly shields lips. It keeps water from evaporating, maintaining moisture.
  • Non-sticky, light and airy, it melts on with a supremely smooth touch.
    “Melty Cream Ingredient”: Changes to liquid with the body’s temperature, so it melts instantly when it’s applied, delivering supreme smoothness and moisture.
    “Airy Stay Ingredient:” Forms a veil so light it’s as if it’s filled with air.
  • Shown through data to lasts 6 hours
    *KOSÉ research. Individual results may vary.
  • No artificial fragrance


  • Hyaluronic acid, squalane (moisturizers)
  • Airy Stay Ingredient
  • Melty Cream Ingredient (moisturizer)
  • Wrapping Oil

How to use

Add an appropriate amount on the enclosed applicator and apply directly to lips.