Lasting pore coverage for thirteen hours!
A makeup base that transforms skin into a perfectly smooth canvas.

  • Fills in pores of all shapes and sizes, even pores from sagging skin
  • Lightweight texture forms a veil over skin for a silky-smooth, non-sticky finish
  • Absorbs excess sebum while retaining skin’s moisture for long-lasting coverage
  • Enhances the adherence of base makeup without causing dryness
  • Six functions in a single tube:
    Serum / Emulsion / Cream / Sunscreen / Correcting Base / Concealer
  • Fragrance-free

ESPRIQUE Pore Cover Perfect Base CC

How to use

  1. Use before foundation
  2. Take an appropriate amount onto fingertips and spread evenly over skin
  3. Use sparingly around the nostrils, eyes and mouth