Nail oil that moisturizes and takes care of your cuticles.

Nail oil that supplements your nails and cuticles with moisture. With the special applicator chip, it pushes your cuticles back for a beautiful finish. Compounded with almond oil and grape seed oil, both which are gentle on the nails and have a emollient effect.

Nail Aroma Oil

How to use

  1. With the included applicator chip, apply an appropriate amount of oil onto the root of the nail and blend with your fingers.
  2. Push your cuticles back using the applicator chip. Use the corner of the chip
    for smaller areas.

Special applicator chip

Even beginners can easily push back the cuticles without damaging the skin around the nails. The tip of the applicator chip allows you to dispense plenty of aroma oil, so that you can soften the cuticles.

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