Super Flat Powder and Lucent Wear Powder fill up and obscure uneven areas such as pores, forming a “beautiful translucent film” that has a similar refractive index as the horny cell layer. Creates poreless,translucent skin that looks like it is being lit up from inside.

Long-lasting dimensional small face foundation that removes pores and adds translucency, with one stroke.

ESPRIQUE Forming Beauty Pact UV (Lasting)
7 colors SPF 22/PA++ <Case sold separately>
Limited release ESPRIQUE Foundation Case (Black)

How to use

  • Place the sponge at the top of foundation and slide it in one direction.
    • Dry… Take an appropriate amount on asponge and spread evenly
    • Wet… Wet the sponge with water and wring thoroughly before use.
  • After use, be sure to wring the sponge dry before returning it to the case
  • Extra sponges (ESPRIQUE Makeup Sponge P sold separately) are available.