Easily achieved gradation effect by simply blending the 3 colors together. Instant luminosity and dimensionality in one stroke.

A beautiful dimensional mixing eye color,
that deepens with One Stroke.

Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny)
6 colors

How to use

One stroke finish

  1. Gently blend BCD using the extra large chip. Apply starting from the outer corner of the eye, across the eye socket.  Use the tip of the chip to apply down to the center of the lower eyelid.
  2. Finish by taking A on the round chip, closing your eyes, and apply in circular shape around the inner corner of each eye.

Gradation finish

  1. Use the extra large chip and apply B across the eye socket.
  2. Use the medium chip and apply C across the bottom half of the eye socket.
  3. Use the small chip to apply D on the part closest to the eye line and down to the center of the lower eyelid as if creating a shadow.


Try this too!