Controls sebum, yet doesn’t dry out the skin.

A long-lasting makeup base that grants 13 hours of wear for makeup that looks fresh and beautiful.

  • Prevents shine and the dulling of makeup by enveloping and locking away excess sebum
  • Formulated with amino-acid oils and polymers which help to retain skin’s moisture
  • Covers uneven skin surfaces by adjusting to the size of each pore
  • Applies lightly and smoothly to create a perfect base for foundation
  • A slight green tint offsets any skin redness while granting added translucency

ESPRIQUE Beautiful Stay Make Up Base EX

How to use

1. Shake thoroughly before dispensing.
2. Take a small amount and spread evenly over the entire face. Apply sparingly around the nostrils, eyes and mouth areas.
3. Follow up with your favorite foundation.