Contains aquary glossy ingredient that creates a smooth shine,
making the rouge shine like water.

Moist, smooth rouge that shines like
water with One Stroke.

Aqua Drape Rouge
10 Colors

How to use

One Stroke application
A natural finish that blends into the skin

  1. Spread the rouge on the center part of thebottom lip using the whole of the attached applicator chip. Using the tip of the applicator chip, draw around the top and bottom lip.
  2. Use the other side of the applicator chip to make the color stronger.

Basic application
Draw an outline around the lips for emphasis

  1. Using the tip of the applicator chip, draw an outline around the lips from the arch – then, with the side of the applicator chip, first fill in the center of the bottom lip – then the corner of the top lip to the arch – finally, from the corner of the bottom lip to the center, following the numbers 1-4.
  2. Flip the chip around, and layer the gloss on your lips as if to color in your outlined lips.