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Please be careful of counterfeit product

It has been reported and confirmed that counterfeits of some KOSÉ brand products are being distributed mainly through e-commerce sites.

For these counterfeit products KOSÉ cannot guarantee the efficacy and safety at all, and is concerned that any purchase or use of such counterfeit products by any chance may cause health hazards with customers.

Therefore, in order not to unknowingly purchase any of such counterfeit products, we hereby advise our valuable customers to use our authorized dealers for your purchase.

Please note that we cannot appraise, guarantee or exchange products suspected to be counterfeits, and cannot respond to any accidents, defects or damages caused by them.

We continue to strengthen legal and other measures to eradicate counterfeit products so that you can continue to purchase our products with peace of mind and use them safely. Please be careful not to purchase such counterfeit product by mistake.