• 2 Jul 2018

    Notice and Apology Regarding Mislabeling of Eye Color

    We sincerely thank you for using our products.

    Regarding COSME DECORTE AQMW Eye Glow Gem that was sold in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, we have found out that some limited lots of the product contain the ingredient “synthetic sapphire” that is not contained in the English version of the full list of ingredients. This does not meet our policy of providing customers with appropriate product information. We therefore decided to voluntarily recall the affected lots of these products.

    Synthetic sapphire is an ingredient that can be used in cosmetic products, thus there is no issue with the safety or quality of the product.

    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and trouble this may cause our customers.

    KOSÉ Corporation and the DECORTÉ brand always focus on utilizing the advanced technologies developed by its research facilities to create high quality and safe cosmetics that respond to the demands of customers. To prevent a similar occurrence, we will make every effort to improve our internal control systems.

    We would like to reaffirm that the products other than the affected lots meet our strict quality standards, accordingly, please feel no concern about continuing to use our products.

    1.Affected product

    Japanese name:コスメデコルテ AQMW アイグロウ ジェム(6g)
    English name:COSME DECORTE AQMW Eye Glow Gem(6g)

    Countries to which the product was shipped Color Code (Lot No.)
    Taiwan (1) #081(U6)
    (2) #381(6Q)
    (3) #880(6I)
    Singapore (1) #080(U6)
    (2) #081(U6、T6)
    (3) #380(Z6、6A、6B、X6)
    (4) #381(6Q、6R)
    (5) #880(6I、6J)
    Malaysia (1) #081(U6)
    (2) #880(6I)

    2. Customer Service

    Customers who purchased the affected products may contact your regional KOSÉ office to arrange for an exchange or receive a full refund.
    *All your personal information will be used for this purpose only.

    Taiwan: TAIWAN KOSÉ CO., LTD.
    Official Website:
    Email inquiries:

    Official Website:
    Email inquiries:

    For customers who purchased the affected products, please contact the KOSÉ Singapore office before 30 September 2018 for your exchange or refund.

    Malaysia: KOSÉ (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD
    Official Website:
    Email inquiries:

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